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With the average family household carrying $90,000 of debt, and the burgeoning debt collection industry; knowing how to confront debt collectors and understanding bankruptcy options is beneficial to all individuals with debt, which is basically 300 million Americans. Not only will you be assisting individuals in their financial lives, you will be paid well for it.

Debt: Your Rights When Dealing With Collectors and Bankruptcy will provide the reader with practical information on how to: address collectors, contest the debt; and so much more. Additionally, it provides practical information on bankruptcy and its chapters and procedure. Basically this is two books for one!!!

There is a 50% commission for each download edition you sell.

Debt: Your Rights = $29.95 | You take approx. $13.85 (after Clickbank fees)

Let's look at the numbers!!!
Sale per day                           Monthly Income                     Yearly Income
1                                               $415.50                                   $4,986.00 
5                                               $2,077.50                                $24,930.00
10                                             $4,155.00                                $49,860.00


  • We use Clickbank to assure you of your commission!
  • You get credit for the sale up to 90 days after your referral!
  • The product is needed by the average household that carries $90,000 of debt!
  • There are no refunds, therefore, no need to worry about the product being returned!
  • The author has extensive experience in the legal field and the facts presented are up to date!

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